“Jacques likes to blur boundaries, colors appear to move, bold,  bright, expressing visual rhythm, conveying playfulness. The senses are flooded with vivid imagery.” - Jamie Bosso 

“With Jacques Lieberman we explore a world of color and form…patterned work of bright colors, the style dervies from play of colors and movement” - Abraham Klein, The Westsider

“Jacques Lieberman delights in techniques to morph, collage, simulate, reflect a visual rhythm and plays the music of patterns.” - Mindy Oh, Art Business News

“Jacques Lieberman arrives at visual iconography, expressive of paradoxical age, yet remains at the same time personally expressive, through sheer tonal love…he floods his work in rich colors, individually beautiful, exquisitely co-joined, cold linearity turns into seductive, warm joy.” - Holland Cotter, New York Arts Journal 

“One things of systems when looking at Jacques Lieberman’s work. Symbol, shape, organized, codified, repeated, threwn, ordered, disordered, creating visual patterned fields, precise, vivid, crisp grids.” - Margaret Pomfret, Arts Magazine

“What these works have in common is a predeliction for acidic colors like mauve, chartreuse, heavy black outline and aspiration toward pattern…staunch adversity to predictability is what Jacques Lieberman is about.” - William Zimmer, Arts Magazine

“Jacques Lieberman conducts a calculated additive and subtractive continuum, caging organic forms, creating not only a tangible work of art, but extensions of it.” - Leslie Plummer, New York Arts Journal